African culture is firmly grounded in relationships and family ties. Historically, families and tribes would spend their days working and living as one. Conversations were an integral part of daily life as people worked side-by-side for the well-being of the whole community. At night, meals were prepared and enjoyed together, followed by a time of fellowship and reflection. A time for sharing stories and history.

At Royal Kruger Lodge, we love these practices that build community and relationships, and guests are able to enjoy them today too, in our Boma and Lapa areas.

Our on-site Slide Health Spa facility is a must too. With a focus on reducing the toll that the stress of life has on the body and mind, you’re in for a memorable sensory indulgence using natural products and techniques.


Traditionally, the Boma (Swahili for ‘Kraal’) is the centre of the community. The meeting place of elders, warriors, women and children, the Boma represents the heart of the family – a place for fellowship and meals. The structure of the Boma is significant, as the round formation of sharp-edged sticks traditionally formed a safe shelter from external threats, where tribal business was conducted in addition to daily group activities like eating and dancing and passing down tales of history and legend.

At Royal Kruger Lodge, guests follow a softly lit stone path which opens out into the fire-lit boma, where dinner is served beneath a dazzling canopy of stars. As the fragrance of the wood fire mingles with the seasoning and mouth-watering aromas of a freshly prepared 4-course dinner, it’s hard to not be mesmerised by dancing flames and the beautiful harmonies of rich African voices lifted in song.

It’s a tradition that is centuries old and when you are seated at the African banquet table beneath the stars beside the traditional wood fire, it’s easy to understand why it has survived the ravages of time.  Even without the distant lion calls that can often be heard from neighbouring Lionspruit, it’s a magical experience that no visit to Africa is complete without.

The fire is laid, and you can reserve your seat beside at our dinner table here.



Ideally located beside our inviting swimming pool, our open-plan Lapa is where you’ll find a sumptuous English breakfast, specially prepared for you. Local wildlife often shows up for an early morning drink from our watering hole too, so it’s the perfect place to start the day.

Al Fresco lunches are often served in the Lapa, so you can return to your spot beside the pool without too much interruption. The Lapa includes a comfortable seating area, where you can spend quality time with family and friends, curl up with a good book, or simply relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

Our refreshing pool is a favourite among guests as they enjoy sunny hours soaking up the sun and relaxing on poolside loungers. It’s sheer indulgence, and you never know when a local zebra, giraffe, antelope or warthog might visit.


Slide Health Spa

What is a dream holiday without a relaxing massage, and some de-tox treatments to restore your body’s equilibrium? Our spa might just become your favourite place! You can find more information here


Outdoor Shower Room

Imagine being able to shower in the wild in privacy! Well, our spacious outdoor shower allows you to do just that! Shower with the morning sun warming you surrounded by bird songs, or shower beneath a dazzling nights sky, with the sounds of lions and hyenas in the distance. It’s a wonderfully wild experience!